Colorado River Basin

I worked with Certain Measures for two-months of my final semester at Harvard. During this time, I developed a preliminary interactive prototype for data exploration based on mockups developed by Elisa Ngan. This prototype was developed in D3js and was presented to the clients to communicate the range of data gathered and possible modes of interaction. The data that was curated to convey the implications of drought in the Colorado River Basin and the impacts on nearby communities (Urban Areas and Tribal Lands) and environment (National Parks, Protected Areas, Rivers, Lakes, Dams, etc). 
Detail – visualization of the Colorado River streamflow based on changing stream gauge data from 2013 and 2023.

As the project progressed, we moved forward with mapbox due to design constraints. I led development of the visual language and data narrative of the online experience. The site is intended to act as a tool for researchers to inspire curiosity and inform research questions. These mockups were developed using Adobe XD, QGIS, Mapbox, and ReactJS.