Place | Space: Liliha, Design & Installation

AIGA Honolulu Top 3 Student Design Award
Included in James Craig's Cooper Union website
Included in Steven Heller's book, Design School Confidential

This project was built around the definitions of a "place" and a "space" as described by Michel de Certeau:
Place “A place (lieu) is the order (of whatever kind) in accord with which elements are distributed in relationships of coexistence. It thus excludes the possibility of two thing being in the same location (place). The law of the ‘proper’ rules in the place: the elements taken into consideration are beside one another, each situated in its own ‘proper’ and distinct location, a location it defines. A place is thus an instantaneous configuration of positions. It implies an indication of stability.”

Space “A space exists when one takes into consideration vectors of direction, velocities, and time variables. Thus space is composed of intersections of mobile elements. It is in a sense actuated by the ensemble of movements deployed within it. Space occurs as the effect produced by the operations that orient it, situate it, temporalize it, and make it function in a polyvalent unity of conflictual programs or contractual proximities. On this view, in the relation to place, space is like the word when it is spoken, that is, when it is caught in the ambiguity of an actualization, transformed into a term dependent upon many different conventions, situated as the act of a present (or of a time), and modified by the transformations caused by successive contexts. In contradistinction to the place, it has thus none of the univocity or stability of a ‘proper.’”


Each book was designed with the above ideas of "place" and "space" in mind. I defined my site, Liliha, a small community in Honolulu, as a stalemate, or "draw", as its place; and as a "withdraw" as its space. The content of each booklet was selected through researching ideas of public vs private, city planning, urban sprawl, etc. This book relied heavily on maintaining information hierarchy throughout each spread while curating the experience of each turn of the page in order to maintain reader interest.

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